BBG Pressbooks Implmentation

The Project

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) contracted Fig Leaf Software to provide supplemental staffing to design, build and maintain web and iOS and Android mobile applications to expand the reach of the agency’s programs and projects. The team was tasked with implementing an ebook solution.

The Solution

The team implemented an open source authoring platform, Pressbooks, built on WordPress to enable BBG team members to easily manage ebook content and quickly export it to ePub, PDF and other formats.  The team set up a self-hosted instance of Pressbooks and modified it to support the specific needs of BBG.

The Results

The implementation of streamlined the user interface which was customized to the needs of BBG entities and featured:   

  • Simplified font embedding workflow for multilingual support
  • Added support for right-to-left languages
  • Improved language support by focusing on ePub3 format
  • Improved character encoding to support complex alphabets and writing systems
  • Added support for in-language plus English book information for foreign language books
  • Supported access to the mPDF rendering option for PDFs as an open-source, free alternative to Prince
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