Calvert Education

The Project

Since 1906, Calvert has educated more than 600,000 students from around the world with our time-tested curriculum. The Calvert program blends tradition, innovation, and technology to provide a rich subject-integrated experience designed to develop higher-order thinking skills.

Calvert Education was looking for an online collaboration tool to use for their virtual education system. Distance eLearning is a growing environment, so it was an important that the solution was easy to implement and support.

The Solution

Calvert Education is now utilizing Adobe Connect Web-Conferencing Solution for 3 virtual schools. The first is Calvert Virtual Academy, which allows homeschoolers in 6th – 8th grade to be able to be in a classroom environment. Calvert Education also uses Adobe Connect for two public charter schools in South Carolina and Colorado. These charter schools use the same curriculum as Calvert Virtual Academy, but for a public school model.

Class Collaboration

  • With the help of Adobe Connect, students are able to directly interact with peers and teachers. Teachers can easily speak to the class about a specific topic as well as upload photos or visit a website. Using the breakout rooms, teachers can let the students break into smaller groups to do quick group projects.

Virtual Clubs

  • Virtual Clubs bring multiple students from around the world together to talk about subjects such as photography, criminal investigation, creativity and much more. Connect helps give the participants in these clubs a sense of community and engagement, as if they were in the classroom. It let’s students get to know one another in safe manner.

Calvert Education leverages many of the tools offered by Adobe Connect. The persistent meeting rooms lets teachers customize their virtual classroom, and be prepared for each class in advance by preloading content beforehand. The recording capabilities are used to review classes and make changes to the curriculum as needed. Students love the chat capabilities, because it allows them to catch-up with friends before a class starts, as well as engage directly with teachers.

The Results

Calvert Education is very happy with the ease of use of Adobe Connect.  Teachers are able to self-administer with Connect and it’s easy to support.The rich collaboration makes it an engaging experience for the families/students. The overall implementation of Adobe Connect was very easy, which was very important to Calvert Education.

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