Higher Logic

The Project

Higher Logic is the leading provider of cloud-based community platforms for organizations worldwide, with over 20 million engaged members in more than 100,000 communities.The mission: to help clients build organizational value, relevancy and impact by engaging key audiences in relevant online discussions.

Higher Logic wanted a simple way to institutionalize the knowledge between themselves and their clients. An important goal was to find a way to easily be able to communicate and educate clients on strategies to create engaging communities using the Higher Logic platform.

The Solution

To communicate with their users better, Fig Leaf Software recommended a hosted Adobe Connect solution. This gives Higher Logic the ability to use the Connect platform to communicate to their users in a number of different ways. Ultimately, Higher Logic was able to use Connect to:

  • Provide Access for multiple users
  • Decrease Costs
  • Take advantage of a hosted “cloud Based” reliable, redundant system architecture
  • Energize Focus on Communication

Higher Logic is now using Adobe Connect as the foundation to facilitate the organization’s educational training and support initiatives. There are three important areas Higher Logic utilizes with Adobe Connect. The first one, Higher Logic Academy, is a two day training that typically takes place at the Higher Logic offices. However, with Adobe Connect, remote users can also easily participate in this training with ease. The second, Higher Logic Snap training, are short concise Connect recordings (about 30 minutes long) on how Higher Logic users can perform specific tasks using the Higher Logic platform.   In addition, Higher Logic is also able to embed these Connect recordings in a training library for end-user to access anytime–anywhere.

The third area is for informational webinars and collaborative meetings. With Adobe Connect, Higher Logic Marketing staff can deliver engaging webinars for a broad array of users.  One of the larger webinars Higher Logic hosted was over 400 people, and went very smoothly due to the scalability of Connect.

At the same time, Higher Logic salespeople can use Connect for client meetings and online demonstrations.

One Adobe Connect feature that Higher Logic uses the most, is the ability to drop in custom pods during a webinar. Custom pods can include everything from a timer, poll, video, Q&A or chat areas, and even an audience engagement meter. Higher Logic also takes advantage of Adobe Connect persistent meeting rooms. Connect’s persistent meetings rooms allow users to define their own persistent URLS for meeting rooms, rather than using complicated system-generated URLs. Each person within Higher Logic’s customer success department has their own virtual meeting room, which makes it very easy to hold individual meetings and webcasts.  Higher Logic employees can store assets and information within their virtual meeting rooms so they have everything they need right at their fingertips, making it easy to share content quickly and easily.

The Results

Higher Logic uses Connect as a platform for communicating to their clients and users in a variety of ways.  As a very satisfied Connect client, Higher Logic uses every aspect of Connect, from small collaborative meetings, virtual classrooms, informational webinars and events.

“Adobe Connect has been a game changer for Higher Logic. The enterprise license allows all employees to have their own account, easily create and record customer training materials or perform live webinars with our clients.  The light, easy to install client also allows us to embed the recordings of the webinars into our customer facing resource libraries where they can engage by discussing and commenting among other attendees.  Fig Leaf Software has been a great partner and has continuously gone above and beyond to ensure our needs are met.” ~ Andy Steggles, President & Chief Customer Officer

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