The Project

Iconixx leverages SaaS technologies to deliver consistent Sales Performance, Incentive Compensation, and Merit Increase Management solutions to customers – Small, Mid-Market, and Enterprise – on one, organic solution with a native workflow engine, native territory management and pre-configured business rules and formulas library. The Cloud solution is accessible by any user on any mobile device – anytime, anywhere.

Iconixx hired Fig Leaf Software to create a new brand identity as the company seeks to grow rapidly by onboarding new customers and employees.  Iconixx desired a new brand which would be unique, clean and reinforce the company’s mission to provide sales performance and incentive compensation … the proverbial carrot.

The Solution

Fig Leaf’s design team met with Iconixx to understand the brand and vision they were looking to communicate with their new branding and identity.  One of the challenges faced in creating the Iconixx brand identity was the lack of a displayable product. Screenshots of the software were unavailable, as the interface was in the process of being redesigned—influenced, in fact, by the very brand our design team was tasked to deliver. When the logo was complete, the team developed a set of core and complementary colors; as well as typography that could be used in a versatile and intuitive manner. These basic design tenets were applied across a number of stationery and collateral pieces, and expanded throughout the website.

In redesigning the public site Fig Leaf developed a visual style that incorporates consistent imagery—a blend of stock photography and illustration that suggests the analytical and statistical nature of the software without relying on screen captures from the actual product. Abstract pictograms, charts, and graphs—set in Iconixx colors—were integrated with silhouettes of business professionals, conveying the ease and effectiveness of Iconixx software. We also showed the products’ capability across multiple platforms, simply by repeating the iconography on images of various laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. The result is a cohesive, yet diverse, family of images that help carry forth the new Iconixx brand.

Once Fig Leaf created the new brand identity and logo, Fig Leaf was tasked with creating a full branding package for print and trade shows. The deliverables Fig Leaf created for Iconixx Software was delivered included:

  • Business Cards
  • Corporate Letterhead Template
  • Corporate PowerPoint Template
  • Corporate Pocket Folders
  • Collateral Templates (Case Study, White Paper, Sell Sheet)
  • Trade Show Booth Display

The new design was implemented within the WordPress content management system.  Iconixx marketing staff had experience with WordPress and desired a familiar and easy to use CMS interface.  Prior to development, Fig Leaf’s requirements team created a detailed functional requirements document (FRD) to detail the desired functionality and identify key integration points with 3rd party software which includes Salesforce and Inbound Marketing Software.

The Results

Fig Leaf understood the need to provide a rapid design solution and quickly launch a new site for Iconixx.   Fig Leaf was successful in creating a new brand, delivering a full identity package and delivering a content managed site in less than fourteen weeks.  The new site and identity has raised the company’s profile in the sales and performance compensation industry and has successfully helped them onboard talented team members and new customers.

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