Jefferson County Public Schools

The Project

Jefferson County was seeking a web content management system that would allow the Kentucky school district to present a crisp, sharp, and animated face to the public school district residents, its staff, and students.  At the same time, the county desired for the site to be exciting for the staff, students, parents, and Jefferson County Community — a site that would be not only easy to use, but also functional and fun.

Fig Leaf Software proposed building a redesigned public site to enhance the visibility and presentation of the school system’s educational content to foster learning.  Fig Leaf was hired to build a site that is engaging and functional for all users so that the school district could further engage the Jefferson County community.  The county tasked Fig Leaf to create an updated site which would be a portal to engage and interact with alumni to keep them involved and engaged after graduation.

The Solution

Working with the school district, Fig Leaf selected Drupal as the district’s new content management platform. As an open source platform, Drupal is ideal for Jefferson County Public Schools because the CMS platform will allow the district to continue to adapt the site based on future functionality needs.  Kicking off the project, Fig Leaf held creative and technical sessions to understand stakeholder’s needs for a new, clean looking website with specific audience pages that would provide information specific to that audience.  JCPS desired that the new website be developed to capitalize on the images taken by their award winning photographer and would provide JCPS with ability to customize their content pages as needed while still maintaining the overall look and feel of the site.  The county had a goal of allowing many content editors across the organization to contribute to the new site so Fig Leaf created a content page workflow that allows various departments to maintain and manage their own pages as needed with little administration.

The Results

Fig Leaf delivered a fully responsive website that interacts with the Jefferson County community.  The new public website provides information to targeted audiences to give visitors quick access to the information that is important that audience. The new website features and highlights:

  • It’s easier to find information. The new site is lighter, brighter, and more engaging, and the new navigation system focuses on the type of content that parents and students need most often.
  • Integrated alert system to notify website visitors of weather closings or other emergency announcements
  • Numerous dynamic elements such as the school and staff directories and daily job postings, to save staff time and reduce manual data entry
  • New menus and pages also are available for employees, business partners, the community, and the media.
  • The website now has a more powerful search feature, and it’s optimized to help users quickly find the information, tools, forms, and publications they need.
  • The site now looks and works better on any type of device—desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • A new calendar compiles all district information in a single location, but filters make it easy to find specific types of events.

The JCPS website is now published in Drupal, a content management system that makes it easier for staff members throughout the district to collaborate. In addition, JCPS has trained staff in each department to manage their own pages, which are then edited for review before publication.

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