University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

The Project

As one of the Midwest’s top public universities, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire provides students with small classes led by talented professors, cutting-edge programs, a safe and friendly campus community, and the support they need to meet their goals for success. UW-Eau Claire hired Fig Leaf Software to assist their internal team in the development of a new responsive website to better serve key audiences.

The Solution

Fig Leaf worked with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to support the creation of the responsive design assets and implemented a variety of new features with their current CommonSpot Content Management System (CMS).  The features were built with Adobe ColdFusion and CommonSpot’s Custom Element framework and included:

  • Custom render handlers
  • Notifications & Alerts for syndication — allows members of a “Syndication Group” to receive alerts based on their subscription preferences.
  • Multimedia Custom Element to allow CommonSpot content authors to select easily select a Vimeo or YouTube videos to be included with related content.
  • Testimonial functionality to allow content authors to easily manage testimonials using a CommonSpot datasheet associated with keywords
  • Keyword features to support automatically adding keywords when authors edit associated elements and associated with all units to prevent duplication
  • Power “AND” custom slider elements to allow content authors to quickly and easily control the AND global custom element using a centralized datasheet, rendered with an SEO friendly URL
  • XML Sitemap for published pages and stories

The Results

The new website is fully responsive and built on the reliable Adobe ColdFusion and CommonSpot content management platform (version 9).  Visitors are able to quickly and easily navigate the new site on a desktop, tablet or smartphone and have an excellent viewing experience.  Among a variety of other features, UW-Eau Claire content authors now have access to a Pinterest-style image grid that features:

  1. An image editor that allows contributors to upload an image and then pan/zoom/crop to a specific image size.
  2. An editor that allows contributors to overlay a caption on top of the cropped image.
  3. Output of multiple cropped & captioned images into a responsive, Pinterest-style display

Read more in Steve Drucker’s CommonSpot Custom Field Crazyness blog post.

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