US Senator Chuck Grassley

The Project

US Senator Chuck Grassley represents the great state of Iowa.  Senator Pryor’s office desired a new public Web site which would better enable the Senator to communicate with his constituents.  The Senator’s office also had the need to utilize a Content Management System to enable non-technical staff in the Washington, DC and state offices to manage Web content with minimal training.

The Solution

Fig Leaf Software has been working closely with the US Senate Sergeant at Arms Information Technology division and was instrumental in introducing the open source Drupal Content Management System (CMS) to the US Senate.

Fig Leaf kicked off the project with a creative session, carefully documenting the Senator’s needs for the new site.  Our Creative Director and Certified Usability Analyst created a new sitemap, oversaw the design of the new site and delivered the new design concepts to the Senator’s office for review.  Following design revisions, Fig Leaf Software created a design prototype and then implemented the new site within the Drupal CMS.

The Results

The Senator’s new Web Site gives citizens immediate access to information from the Senator’s office.  The professional new design better represents the Senator’s commitment to Iowa, is easy to navigate, and provides enhanced functionality.  Since Fig Leaf implemented the new design theme in Drupal, non-technical staff members are now able to quickly and easily manage and maintain site content based on their role, through a Web or mobile browser.

The new site provides functionality including:

  • Greater emphasis on social and multimedia content,
  • Access to issues and legislative highlights
  • Services and program information including; case work, intern programs, flag requests, service academy nominations, and student leadership institute information
  • Direct links to the social media content (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Press resources and contacts
  • Request a meeting, e-newsletter sign-up

The new site allows visitors to print and share content and view content based on their interests. The new site utilizes the Senate’s Google Search Appliance for full text searching across the Senator’s site so visitors can quickly and easily find what they are looking for through search.

Most importantly, the new site requires little maintenance, is easy for staff members to use, and fits well with the Senate technical infrastructure, thereby reducing the need for costly support and administrative resources.

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